The Healthiest breakfast

It is now known, breakfast is a fundamental meal, the most important of the day, so it should be rich and nutritious.

In fact, in the morning, the organism comes from several hours of fasting, so it needs energy and nutrients, to fuel and better face the day, which is why breakfast should never be skipped. Also because, as we have told you, some foods set creativity in motion, which can be useful at work.

After telling you about the best places to have the first meal of the day in Bologna or Milan, today we turn to those of you who wonder how to have a healthy breakfast every morning, to have a balanced and energetic meal. To do this, we asked for help from an expert, Dr. Francesca Evangelisti – nutrition biologist.

A healthy and good breakfast brings numerous benefits to our body, including improving concentration and increasing energy, maintaining a healthy weight (for the rapid activation of the metabolism, optimal as soon as you wake up, when the body is predisposed to receive calories), adjusting your daily calorie intake and controlling your blood sugar.

The nutritionist adds that “a good breakfast makes the rest of the day more balanced and orderly from the food point of view, as it leads to better eating and prevents too many calories from being eaten at the wrong times, especially in the evening, when we need it less and especially when our body is not predisposed to receive large quantities of food, so it tends to accumulate “.

Unfortunately, the consumption of a healthy breakfast is not very widespread and we tend to eat too much sugar, or to skip the meal completely, often due to lack of time or laziness in preparing it: “the absence of breakfast only leads to eating more afterwards and to consume wrong foods, which we are inevitably attracted to when we suffer the hunger attack following the morning fast. ” How, therefore, should an adult in the absence of pathologies, with breakfast in the morning, regulate himself?

The passwords are complete and balanced. Let’s see what it means better.

“Breakfast must contain all the main nutrients, namely proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and fiber (full breakfast), and in the right proportions (balanced breakfast)”.

An incomplete and unbalanced breakfast, therefore based for example on only one nutrient, is not good because it is not able to bring all the energy and nutritional value that we need in the morning, as the interviewee clarifies: “let’s think for example of the classic Italian breakfast, consisting of coffee with sugar and brioche; in this case the whole meal is completely unbalanced in favor of sugars and, moreover, it is of poor nutritional value.

All this has the effect of enormously weighing down the pancreas which, slumbering after hours of fasting, is attacked by an overload of sugars, for which it is forced to perform an overwork, having to immediately produce a lot of insulin to quickly bring the blood sugar back to normal values ​​” , to avoid dangerous peaks, as those who follow a diabetes diet know well.

Moreover, the glycemic peak following a breakfast of this type will drop rapidly, leading to hunger again very soon, with the consequent negative habits of eating snacks in the mid-morning and a lot at lunch. So how can you make a healthy breakfast?


Those who want to develop muscle mass must train intensely.

The training program for the development of muscle mass is fundamentally different from a training to increase muscle mass (hypertrophy) or to improve the silhouette.

The program mainly includes complex fundamental exercises that stimulate coordination between large muscles, such as pectoral, back and legs.

The key to success in developing muscle mass is the gradual increase in strength.

We explain what it means and analyze in detail all the possible variants of a training program for muscle mass.

Our goal is to provide you with the theoretical foundations, so that you can be aware of the specificities of a workout for the development of muscle mass.

In addition, we offer you the possibility to choose between basic training programs for the development of muscle mass or to create your own one.

    To build a quality muscle mass it is sufficient to subject the muscles to adequate efforts three times a week.

Given the intense stress with so much weight and detachments from the ground at the limit of the forces it is therefore advisable to take at least one day off between two sessions.

In general, you can think of a training program for muscle mass by dividing the areas of the body with a split routine workout or with a circuit for the whole body.

Especially for those who are starting out (less than 6 months of training), full body training is more suitable for developing muscle mass.

Attention is particularly focused on the fundamental exercises in weight lifting, rowing, Bench Press, Military Press and squats.

Given the high frequency of these fundamental exercises, in a very short time you will see great improvements in strength.

Our tip: for workouts with excellent results, try our free Body Check. Calculate your BMI and receive diet and training tips tailored for you.

Experienced athletes (more than a year of training) who wish to develop even more muscle mass, can prepare a training program divided into split routines.

For these cases, a classic 3-day subdivision dedicated to the back / biceps (day 1), pectorals / triceps (day 2) and legs (day 3) is indicated.

Here is a summary of your training frequency:
3 training sessions per week
Full body training program for beginners
Split workout routine for experts
Break days are particularly important because they allow the muscles to grow.

In fact, these processes take place during recovery and regeneration breaks and not under stress.

To train resistance further and to an excessive extent is absolutely counterproductive to the growing muscle mass.

During a very intense workout many calories are burned at the expense of the development of muscle mass. Long endurance training stimulates the production of catabolic hormones (to the detriment of the muscles) and therefore have effects.

We recommend to include a maximum resistance session in the training program for the development of muscle mass; the advantage is that it accelerates the transport of nutrients within the musculature thus stimulating the regeneration of individual muscles.

Resistance training should be done on a day off during the week.

Here is a summary of the breaks:
Muscles grow during recovery breaks
Moderate resistance training to strengthen physical fitness

    Anyone who really wants to develop quality muscle mass should definitely keep a training diary in which to record the series done and the weights loaded.

In this way he will have the security of respecting the gradual increase in strength and weights.

    In addition to progressive weight training and a structured diet, sensible use of sports nutrition as part of a training program also supports the development of muscle mass. In general, you can determine what your calorie needs are even during the development stages by using the calculation of calories and then adjust your diet.

The creatine supplement improves speed and maximum strength with benefits for those who train especially with very heavy fundamental exercises and few repetitions. In addition, creatine helps to hydrate the muscles, with particularly positive effects for the storage of glycogen in the muscles themselves.

For a protein intake sufficient for muscle growth, a protein shake such as the one with Whey Protein, which, thanks to its excellent amino acid profile, is ideal for maintaining and developing muscle with lasting effects, can be useful.

Are you interested in the benefits of the protein shake and would you like to know which ones are the best ones to develop muscles effectively? Then take a look right here.

Before training:

Do you want to level up your workout to develop muscle mass? Then you cannot neglect the right preparation, because efficiency in training begins even before sweating. A truly profitable workout starts in the head and then passes on to the muscles. With our Amino Pre-Workouts, you can replenish your energy before training and you can push yourself to the maximum level. Of course, without artificial flavors, but with essential amino acids for the muscles.

An effective training program

I bet a gym membership that at least one of your good intentions for this year concerns your fitness.

Many of us want, in one way or another, to get fit. Too bad that after 2-3 weeks of fury in the gym or in the park, we find ourselves relentlessly falling back into our dear, old bad habits.

Why do we fail?

Make physical activity a habit
A few years ago now, I told you about the 10 habits that changed my life.

And guess what I put in the top 5? Yeah … physical activity.

Sport has a very long list of pros and very few cons: it increases our psycho-physical well-being, improves our mood, makes us more beautiful and toned, allows us to be more resistant to stress, allows us to train our mind, etc. . I could fill the whole article with the benefits of physical activity, yet …

… yet many of us have difficulty making it a real habit.

Maybe we join the gym with great enthusiasm, but after the first weeks, we start skipping 1 lesson, then 2, then 3, to finally find ourselves having given up a whole month of training; and here we promise that we will start again from next month: however, we find ourselves in a vicious circle of endless “stop & go”. Our lack of constancy and self-discipline negatively affects our results, which in turn undermine our self-esteem and our motivation to go to the gym.

How can we break this vicious circle?

In my experience, the first step to making physical activity an integral part of our daily lives is to make it a habit.

Yes, thanks to the deck! I know I have to make it a habit Andre, but I can’t do it !!!

If we can’t make sport our daily habit, it’s because we make the mistake of starting fourth! We exaggerate in the early days, as if we were Rambo experts, and then, unpacked, we collapse on the sofa.

For this reason, today I want to offer you a simple and effective training program.

The goal of this program is not to transform you into an ultra-sculpted photo model, but rather to make physical activity an indispensable habit.

The peculiarities of this training program are in fact:

the semplicity. Few simple exercises targeted for a complete workout.
practicality. You can do this workout at home, without the need for special equipment.
effectiveness. To move to the next level in your physical preparation, you must first learn the basics.
Let’s see this program in detail, but first a small note.

The training program
The program designed by Gillian Mounsey provides 3 days of training and a maximum commitment of 30-40 minutes for each training session.

If you think you don’t have enough time for this workout, I recommend you take a look at this table and find out how much time you are wasting on unnecessary activities.

But let’s see how training is organized and what exercises to do:

Day 1
The first day (Monday would be ideal), provide a complete workout with 20 minutes of cardio and 10-20 minutes of strength exercises. For time needs, it is possible to separate the cardio activity (in the morning for example) from that strength (in the afternoon for example), although it is advisable to carry out the training in a single session.

In summary, the first day you will have to do:

20 minute walk / ride. The goal is, for the same amount of time, to increase the distance traveled every week.
10 minutes of strength exercises. In this case, the goal is to increase the training time by 2 minutes every 2 weeks, up to 20 minutes.
The strength exercises

As said the exercises are simple and effective. Specifically, the first day of training includes 3 types of exercises that must be repeated in sequence, without breaks. At the end of each round you will have to take a 1 minute break, and then start again with the sequence of 3 exercises, until you reach the time limit of 10 minutes.

The 3 exercises are:

5 pushups.
10 abs.
15 push-ups on the legs.

Shaving the legs, advantages and disadvantages

The modern male is no longer as it once was, handsome hairy who did not care to appear similar to a monkey because the man stands out from the woman for this too.

Today more and more men decide to shave their chest, legs and even their back. Here we take a cue from a recent survey carried out by the monthly magazine Men’s Health to try to understand if and when it is appropriate to shave the legs.

The leg hair removal survey

The magazine asked its readers if they shaved their legs, about 600 people replied and for 51.6% the most popular response was “I don’t really think about shaving my legs”. 33.1% replied that they did not shave completely, but at most shortened the hair while the minority, just 15.3%, replied that they shaved frequently. Now the question is: why do you have to shave your legs?

The answer is obvious when it comes to sports. Swimmers for example need a very smooth physique in order to have less friction in the water, cyclists and many footballers shave to avoid tingling with tight shorts, but all the others?

Many do it to look more attractive. But will it be so? The direction of the newspaper was asked if it also wanted to submit the issue to its female audience.

He asked fans of the Women’s Health Facebook page what they thought of the depilated male legs, and surprisingly most said they preferred the hairy back man remedies.

Even more people, about 700, responded to this survey, and 49.3% responded that males should not cut their leg hair. Just 28.5% instead say they do not love men who shave very much, but on the other hand they like smooth legs, while only 22.2% say they prefer hairless men.

In these words we can summarize more or less all the most common reasons why most men shave their legs. If you are still thinking about it, know that shaving your legs is not something cheap because, to do it well, you need to turn to a professional beautician.

In addition, apart from the cost due to sessions that will become regular (a bit like when you cut your beard for the first time, the hair will grow faster and faster), also know that hair removal is rather painful. But you know, if you want to look beautiful, you have to suffer a little …


In the eyes of a woman, on a physical level, a man can be attractive for many different reasons: the look, the hands, the smile, the physical body or the well-groomed appearance. Certainly, however, perhaps many will not believe what emerged from a study conducted by researchers at Imperial College London and published by the Royal Society Open Science: the length of a man’s legs would really attract a woman.

In reality, the discussion is much broader: rather than leg length, in fact, we should speak of proportions, that is, of the general harmony of all parts of the body together. This study involved 800 American women between 17 and 79 years of age, who evaluated the body and face of a series of computer-generated male models, mixing the physical characteristics of 9000 men.

The results revealed that the men most attractive to women are those whose legs are about half their total height; the less attractive men, on the other hand, would be those who have too long or too short legs. During the tests, the researchers changed the size of various parts of the body of the male models proposed, not only the legs but also the arms, neck, hips and so on. Yet, only for the legs has there been a clear preference for those well proportioned with the rest of the body.

According to the researchers who conducted this study, this perception by women would be caused by an evolutionary type of judgment system, as people with too small limbs are often so due to diseases, such as type II diabetes; those with well-proportioned limbs, on the other hand, are perceived as healthy individuals. In any case, research confirms that beauty derives from the right proportion of each individual element.


Male hair removal has now become a routine for many men, for a very large number of reasons. And it is a hallmark of how fashions often change in relation to the times, often almost without warning, or without being noticed.

An example? Until a few decades ago men shaved their faces carefully, taking care not to leave that thin layer of beard that is now considered sexy, but was at the time seen as an indicator of sloppiness, neglect and poor hygiene. While as regards the other parts of the body, the hair could grow luxuriantly, without worrying about having to hinder its spread (indeed, the tuft of fur outside the shirt is a timeless classic of the disco-truzzo style).

Today? Today is the exact opposite: the beard has become a sensual symbol of caring for one’s image, while the hairs – mainly those of the chest and shoulders (but there is no shortage of fans of full male hair removal) have been degraded to the status of “unwanted” unsightly factor “.

With the result that more and more men have ended up stealing tweezers and depilatory creams from girlfriends, wives, aunts, sisters … and who has more, the more they add.

When it comes to male hair removal, there are those who tend to take the issue lightly by relying on a practical (and often guilty hurried) do-it-yourself via razor, and those who prefer to rely on more expert hands and resort to waxing.

But what is the best solution? Obviously the answer is subjective, in the sense that the answer will depend on your specific needs. So let’s see what are the main features of razor and waxing hair removal, briefly analyzing also the most popular alternative methods.

The razor embodies the essentiality, speed and practicality of use: in fact, a time between 5 and 15 minutes (depending on the areas of the body to be depilated, and your care in handling it) will be enough to get rid of the hair without having to ask anyone’s help.

As a rule, the most prudent will remember to take a hot shower before starting the procedure, in order to soften the skin and hair, applying a special cream or detergent on the area to be shaved. To then end with a beauty emollient that can prevent irritation, and give the skin a fresh and relaxed appearance.

However, there is a “though” not insignificant: razor hair removal is the most impromptu in this respect, since its results are not appreciable for more than 24-48 hours, depending on the regrowth times. of everyone.

And then? Then you will start to see those black dots pop out again. And they will be even more tenacious and robust than before. Furthermore, those who have a high density of hair per square millimeter of skin, with shaving, are even more subject to the annoying phenomenon of ingrown hair.

So the advice is not to frequently use the razor (whether electric or razor blade, the end result is the same) for depilation of areas such as the chest, legs or arms, otherwise in the long run it risks being counterproductive.

Instead, it can be an effective “makeshift” solution in case you need to shave quickly, and there is no one to resort to for waxing. What not to do with the razor: do not shave dry, and if the hair is longer than 1 cm it would be advisable to shorten it with an electric razor, before working the blade.

Males with shaved legs: do you like them or not? Have your say

Did your husband / partner / boyfriend / lover have smoother legs than yours? Imagine the scene: he in the bathroom intent on shaving, he also puts foam on his legs and gets rid of hair. Or go to the beautician to get waxed. You’d like it?

Well, this is the new trend. After rubbing us the face cream and eyebrow tweezers, our men reach out for the depilatory cream and the strips. Perhaps showing the most beautiful legs of ours, without cellulite (sigh!), Popping out of Bermuda shorts or exhibited on the beach and in the pool.

Those who do it say they prefer themselves like this, to feel more attractive with smooth legs. He-Man’s legs are not new in the world of sport, especially in swimming and cycling. But cyclists have a real reason to do it, because after injuries caused by falls the hair could cause infections, while swimmers do it because the hair creates friction. This matters little to ordinary men who don’t play sports.

The requests in beauty centers are increasing, both for waxing and for pulsed light hair removal. Women don’t seem very convinced. “As much as the little hairy man prefers, I do not look favorably on the male who gets waxed – writes our reader Eurassicura – I myself suggest to him that he shorten or remove some hair but only when the situation becomes tragic.

Last year, for example, because of the thick hair on his chest he was tanning in patches so I suggested a summer waxing on his chest. You also pass the eyebrows from above the nose, to have two instead of one but I don’t like the man who thins the eyebrows.

Legs, arms and armpits not even talking about it, the hair must be there to warm me up in the winter: at most shorten those of the armpits when they overflow even with half-sleeved shirts. “

Depilation or epilation For the Sporty Men?

A journey through the world of hair removal, from razor to waxing, from silk-èpil to pulsed light and laser diode, to discover which tricks women devise to be like mother nature has not made them: without a devil for … fur!

Hair removal or epilation expert advice It will make you smile knowing the first hair removal attempts made by women since the dawn; apparently, they already felt the need to remove too much hair and used arranged and makeshift tools such as sharp stones or shells. The first to develop a real depilatory technique were the Egyptians who conceived the ancestor of our waxing, a hot wax used, as legend has it, by Queen Cleopatra herself.

Sporty man

So it’s not a novelty that for the fairer sex unwanted hair has always been a real problem to solve. Having a smooth and hairless skin is every woman’s dream since ancient times. In these times the real innovation lies in the greater involvement of the male sex, increasingly attentive and interested in eliminating what until yesterday was considered an index of innate virility.

Nowadays they are blond or dark, sparse or thick, it has little importance: war is open to any type of hair, whose definitive elimination, it must be admitted, is a primary need on the part of the female and non-female public.

A dream that, while some time ago was destined to remain such, today, thanks to new hair removal techniques, it can become reality.

Hair removal or epilation? What is the best choice for sporty men?

Although the two terms are often confused and misused, it is good to remember that these are two different techniques.

We speak of epilation when we refer to the extraction of the hair shaft and its root from its own hair follicle, which is weakened; this technique makes the hair regrowth slower precisely because the bulb, the part that allows it to grow, is extracted.

By extracting the latter, the cells must first form a new one, from which the hair will subsequently be born, then the regrowth process is slowed down. For this reason it represents a more rational solution to the problem of unwanted hair.

Male chest depilation, on the other hand, consists in eliminating the surface hair because only the part that comes out of the epidermis is truncated, i.e. the stem, the hair is therefore not extracted but cut, also you could read How To Shave Pubic Hair Men the guide is very useful with lots of information you should know as a man and the shaving process.

However, we must speak of “permanent”, not “definitive” hair removal. The limit is not linked to the technology of the machines, which are increasingly advanced, but to elements that condition the life cycle of the hair that is born, grows and then dies.

The effect of the treatment depends on the amount of light energy absorbed by melanin when the hair follicle is in the active phase (anagen), that is when the hair is growing.

Silent follicles, which do not produce hair, can however activate under stimulation of hormones or drugs. For this reason it is more correct to speak of progressively permanent hair removal since the result that we can obtain on active follicles remains over time.

In any case, it is certain that important improvements can be achieved, but to obtain an optimal result it is necessary to turn to professionals who use specialized equipment.

Among the most used hair removal techniques are pulsed light and diode laser, cutting-edge methods that guarantee the best results.

Pulsed light is the most popular technique at the moment, effective but not entirely definitive. It works through an instrument that transfers energy to melanin inside the hair and in its roots by inhibiting regrowth. The darker the hair, the greater the amount of light absorbed because the target, melanin, is more receptive.

The diode laser generates unidirectional and monochromatic light waves, while pulsed light uses a light source with a broad spectrum, that is, with different wavelengths.

In addition, the laser is a faster treatment because the light is not intermittent but continuous.

The result is almost the same even if the diode laser is a little more effective on deep hairs while pulsed light is a little more effective on superficial hair.

Top 3 male beauty, here are the characteristics to evaluate it!

The concept of “beautiful” is known to be very subjective, however there are universally recognized parameters that many agree on what is perceived as “beautiful” and what is not.

Most women will say with certainty that the most handsome man is the beloved man, but is it really so? What attracts us about a person? Just the physical aspect or even the charm we perceive?

Many scholars of anthropology have documented how the concept of “beautiful” has evolved in history going up to the present day. In Roman times, for example, the extra curvy woman was considered the greatest example of sensuality.

Gradually the perception of beauty of the female body has evolved up to the present day when the classic 90-60-90 is the perfect example (or algorithm) to define female beauty.

But for men? Are there beauty parameters to consider? And what are they? Also in this case the perception of “masculine handsome” has evolved. While in antiquity the standard of reference was Greek and Roman sculptures, with the Renaissance and the industrial era the concept of beauty has moved more on the “fascinating”.

And now? It is safe to say that there are millions of opinions on male beauty. Experts have tried to establish a universally recognized “canon” to calculate male beauty through the famous “golden section” theory, that is, a perfect proportion between body, limbs and face.

Based on this theory, the actor George Clooney represents the example of the most handsome man according to the different parameters, managing to reach the ideal coefficient of 91.86% (and therefore beauty).

In second place is another Hollywood actor, Bradley Cooper who with his 91.80% of correspondence seems to be the best example of beauty theory and age.

The third place is also firmly in the hands of a movie star, Brad Pitt who despite his age (he is 53 years old, not really a youngster) has a rating of 89.63% and has always been in the ranking among the most beautiful and fascinating in the world.

And you, what do you think? Do you consider this top 3 in line with your concept of male beauty?

How to look younger

Does it seem impossible to look younger with the passage of time? Yet with a few little tricks, you can show off a youthful look and a noteworthy look that will leave everyone speechless despite the passing years.

Below we suggest five simple and effective moves to look younger without too much effort and shine like never before!

The passage of time brings with it some small wrinkles, physical changes and a good dose of wisdom and self-awareness. If on the last points we have nothing to complain about, for the first, we would perhaps like to have a little more say.

True, stopping time is certainly not possible, but slowing it down and making it our ally is a simpler undertaking than it might seem. That’s right: with small tricks and healthy lifestyle habits you can look younger and show off a brighter and more attractive look without too much effort. Do not you believe it? Below we suggest five simple steps to look younger and feel better about yourself at any age. Ready to take note?

  1. Choose a healthy lifestyle

One of the first rules for looking younger, showing off a healthy appearance and a rested and luminous skin is undoubtedly embracing a regular lifestyle. Some small behavioral rules and correct lifestyle habits can in fact help you to show off a more youthful appearance in a natural way and to accuse less of the passing of the years.

From a healthy diet, therefore rich in fruit, fiber and vegetables, to a life marked by regular hours and not too unbalanced rhythms, which includes, among others, a sleep of at least seven / eight hours per night – an essential detail that is equivalent to an elixir of youth without equal.

Keeping yourself hydrated and drinking at least two liters of water a day also helps you show off a younger look and beautiful, radiant skin.

And lastly, avoid as much as possible a sedentary life, smoking and alcohol and instead dedicate yourself constantly to a physical activity that you like and keep you toned and healthy, a simple and very effective method to demonstrate fewer years and show off an appearance always at the top.

In the video that follows, we suggest you some super food that should never be missing on your table!

  1. Use a skincare product with hyaluronic acid

To show off a bright and young face, rely on a skincare product with hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing and plumping agent, which gives elasticity to the skin and counteracts the signs of aging.

It is a component naturally present in our skin that guarantees hydration and support, thanks to its ability to retain water. Over the years, however, its production decreases and, with it, its capacity for action: the skin is therefore drier, dull and less toned.

However, hydration plays a central role in countering the effects of the passing of the years and slowing down the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. It is for this reason that it becomes fundamental to rely on a skincare product with hyaluronic acid, capable of bringing hydration to the skin and making it find compactness. This is the best anti aging cream for men‌

In this regard, L’Oréal Paris has thought of an innovative face treatment with Pure Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5, an essential nutrient with a soothing power.

The Revitalift Filler Plumping Ampoules are a real novelty not only in the composition – the ampoules are enriched with hyaluronic acid, obtained from biotechnology, with 2 different molecular weights for a complementary action (both in depth and in the most superficial layer of the epidermis) – but also in the form and method of application.

It is in fact 7 single-dose ampoules, with a practical and quick use to make the skincare moment a special but simple and immediate gesture at the same time. In fact, these are ideal for keeping the active ingredients sealed until the time of application, preserving their freshness. Each ampoule contains the quantity to be used daily, perfect for ensuring a full hydration of the facial skin in just 7 days.

Not only that, the Plumping Revitalift Jawline Filler Ampoules lend themselves very well for a shock treatment at particular times of the year, when, for example, you sleep little or in the changes of season, and more generally when the skin looks tired, dull and dehydrated, or as a daily skincare gesture for several weeks in a row to keep the skin looking fresh and hydrated every day. Just apply a single-dose ampoule once a day, morning or evening, after perfectly cleansing the skin and before the normal skincare routine, and in just 7 days, your skin will appear younger and plumped.

In short, a small and precious gesture of skincare to take care of yourself in a simple way and treat yourself to an intensive and effective treatment at home!

  1. Eye on make-up …

Even make-up can become a precious ally if you want to show off a fresher and more youthful look. For example, a very heavy and heavy trick only adds “years” to it. In these cases, the first rule is to opt for a light and simple make-up that can give a glam touch that enhances our strengths without weighing down too much or giving an unnatural and artificial effect. Here are some small anti-aging beauty tips to follow to create a perfect makeup that gives a fresh and young look, even over the years.

Choose a light foundation, which is easy to apply, suggests transparency and lightness, avoiding the unpleasant mask effect which, as you can imagine, “gives” several more years. Therefore, avoid heavy and over-loaded textures and powder foundations, which would highlight wrinkles and fine lines due to age. Better to stay on liquid foundations that make the skin uniform, making it more compact, and more easily hide discontinuities, small wrinkles and signs of aging.

Opt for an illuminant: small touches of light help to soften the features and rejuvenate the face. A perfect anti-aging trick is to mix the foundation with a light concealer or a real illuminant, so as to make it less heavy. For a rejuvenating effect, you can also apply the highlighter in some strategic points of the face, for example between the two eyebrows, in the inner corner of the eye and in the area of ​​the lip contour.