Why Yoga is good for your body and mind

Physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. The great success and growth of yoga (practiced in Italy by over 2 million and 500 thousand people) is explained by this extraordinary combination of benefits. Not to be wasted with practices that have nothing to do with this ancient Indian discipline, which has also become a brand with related speculations. But let’s take a closer look at what the most important benefits of yoga are and how we can capture them with this activity.


It helps to regain harmony with the body, soul and mind and to feel better: it reduces the states of anxiety and depression, keeping us fit and healthy. The number of people who want to practice yoga is constantly growing, an oriental discipline that has now become much more than a fashion, but a real trend within new lifestyles.

Not to mention that, year after year, from the original discipline yoga has branched out into many different therapeutic variations including a new practice with beneficial effects on the ovaries, pituitary and thyroid gland and able to act on the production of estrogen: hormonal yoga.

It has many benefits for the health of men and sportsmen. The practice of yoga is complementary to sport in general because it allows you to improve your physical condition in a harmonious way, as well as improve balance and concentration.

Most sports develop only certain parts of the body. Yoga, on the other hand, by combining the different positions, makes the body work in a complete way and allows you to obtain a balanced and harmonious musculature. Not only that, it is the whole nervous system that benefits from it.

Although you can start at any age and notice an improvement in both physical and psychological condition, the sooner you start practicing yoga consistently, the deeper the benefits will be.

During childhood, yoga can help the child to have greater self-esteem and be a support for calming hyperactive children.

In adolescence, it gives tranquility to rebellious and crisis-ridden adolescents and also helps them to go through puberty in a more peaceful way.

In adulthood, the practice of yoga can help to better live the thousands of commitments and disappointments that anyone goes through. Not only does it serve to maintain a strong and healthy body, it also opens the mind and gives peace of mind.



A few lessons are enough to strengthen the back muscles and adopt a better posture, also obtaining numerous benefits in terms of reducing any muscle pain and back pain. But yoga also increases the ability to concentrate, improves mood and is good for the heart.


In particular, at the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan a study was conducted in collaboration with Iahv Onlus which tested the Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (Sky) method on about 180 people with clinical anxiety and depression, highlighting how yoga acts on cortisol and lactate levels. reducing them significantly. Study participants continued yoga therapy at home for six months, achieving a 60 percent reduction in stress and anxiety levels.



So here are the 10 beneficial effects of yoga on our body and mind:

It decreases the values ​​of anxiety and stress
Yoga helps you relax and calm down. It stimulates the nervous system and reduces fatigue. It also improves self-perception by increasing self-esteem.

Teaches to use the breath in the best way
Practicing yoga teaches you to breathe better, more deeply and less impulsively and this also allows the body to relax.

Increase your focus
Practicing yoga requires a lot of concentration since it is necessary to remember the different positions to complete the various sequences without losing the connection between body and mind. The result is a greater ability to concentrate even in daily life and in carrying out various activities and an improvement in short and long-term memory.

Fights depression
Practicing yoga allows you to find a physical, psychic and spiritual balance and this in turn allows you to find serenity. It also calms the mind by reducing negative emotion and helps to better overcome pain.

It is an excellent physical activity
Practicing yoga is not only good for the mind but also for the body: the various sequences to be performed allow you to activate all the muscles and strengthen the legs and arms. Yoga increases the elasticity of the body and, as already mentioned, also allows you to find relief from back pain. Not to mention that training the body by performing different sequences, allows you to prevent any contractures.

Improve your posture
The different stretching, breathing and stretching exercises allow you to improve. Yoga therefore proves to be a real panacea for all those who, for work reasons, spend most of their day sitting at their desk.

Promotes sleep
Practicing yoga promotes relaxation and this, in turn, facilitates good sleep. Practicing physical activity, in general, allows you to rest better: in the case of yoga, even if it is slow and gentle movements, they involve all the muscles of our body and fatigue, even if it is not immediately felt, favors rest.

It can be done at any time
Unlike other activities, it is possible to practice yoga at any time of the day, even during a lunch break or at home: in the latter case, it is necessary to have a mat and appropriate equipment.

Benefits of yoga for the body

Helps to achieve a healthy weight

Practicing yoga helps to better understand and control your body so as not to confuse true hunger with the feeling of hunger.

Not only that, yoga also involves all the muscles of the body and improves digestion, thus promoting the elimination of toxins. The researchers of the
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle have found a direct link between yoga practice and weight loss.

The study involved over 15,000 adults, both men and women, over 50 years of age: the research showed that overweight people who had practiced yoga at least once a week for 4 or more years had lost an average of 5 pounds (about 2 kilos), while those who had not practiced it had put on an average of 14 pounds (about 6 kilos) over 10 years.

A result that according to scholars is not linked to the calories that yoga burns: in fact, only a few people practice yoga so dynamic that it makes them lose weight. From their point of view, the beneficial effects of yoga on weight derive from the awareness of their own body that allows them to reach and from the inner strength that it gives: this helps to better perceive the sense of satiety after meals and makes it easier to stop eating earlier. to overcome the limit and not give in to temptations.

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Pranayama breathing against constipation and digestive disorders
Yoga can affect bowel movements and help you solve constipation and indigestion problems because it helps reduce stress and frees you from your innermost emotions.

In addition, yoga breathing exercises help you massage your organs, reduce cramps and swelling, and fight constipation, an annoying ailment that afflicts 4 million people, of which 3 million are women.

Nutritionist Stefania Giambartolomei (SISA) argues that the Mediterranean diet and the practice of physical activity are valuable aids in combating constipation.