Depilation or epilation For the Sporty Men?

Depilation or epilation For the Sporty Men?

A journey through the world of hair removal, from razor to waxing, from silk-èpil to pulsed light and laser diode, to discover which tricks women devise to be like mother nature has not made them: without a devil for … fur!

Hair removal or epilation expert advice It will make you smile knowing the first hair removal attempts made by women since the dawn; apparently, they already felt the need to remove too much hair and used arranged and makeshift tools such as sharp stones or shells. The first to develop a real depilatory technique were the Egyptians who conceived the ancestor of our waxing, a hot wax used, as legend has it, by Queen Cleopatra herself.

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So it’s not a novelty that for the fairer sex unwanted hair has always been a real problem to solve. Having a smooth and hairless skin is every woman’s dream since ancient times. In these times the real innovation lies in the greater involvement of the male sex, increasingly attentive and interested in eliminating what until yesterday was considered an index of innate virility.

Nowadays they are blond or dark, sparse or thick, it has little importance: war is open to any type of hair, whose definitive elimination, it must be admitted, is a primary need on the part of the female and non-female public.

A dream that, while some time ago was destined to remain such, today, thanks to new hair removal techniques, it can become reality.

Hair removal or epilation? What is the best choice for sporty men?

Although the two terms are often confused and misused, it is good to remember that these are two different techniques.

We speak of epilation when we refer to the extraction of the hair shaft and its root from its own hair follicle, which is weakened; this technique makes the hair regrowth slower precisely because the bulb, the part that allows it to grow, is extracted.

By extracting the latter, the cells must first form a new one, from which the hair will subsequently be born, then the regrowth process is slowed down. For this reason it represents a more rational solution to the problem of unwanted hair.

Male chest depilation, on the other hand, consists in eliminating the surface hair because only the part that comes out of the epidermis is truncated, i.e. the stem, the hair is therefore not extracted but cut, also you could read How To Shave Pubic Hair Men the guide is very useful with lots of information you should know as a man and the shaving process.

However, we must speak of “permanent”, not “definitive” hair removal. The limit is not linked to the technology of the machines, which are increasingly advanced, but to elements that condition the life cycle of the hair that is born, grows and then dies.

The effect of the treatment depends on the amount of light energy absorbed by melanin when the hair follicle is in the active phase (anagen), that is when the hair is growing.

Silent follicles, which do not produce hair, can however activate under stimulation of hormones or drugs. For this reason it is more correct to speak of progressively permanent hair removal since the result that we can obtain on active follicles remains over time.

In any case, it is certain that important improvements can be achieved, but to obtain an optimal result it is necessary to turn to professionals who use specialized equipment.

Among the most used hair removal techniques are pulsed light and diode laser, cutting-edge methods that guarantee the best results.

Pulsed light is the most popular technique at the moment, effective but not entirely definitive. It works through an instrument that transfers energy to melanin inside the hair and in its roots by inhibiting regrowth. The darker the hair, the greater the amount of light absorbed because the target, melanin, is more receptive.

The diode laser generates unidirectional and monochromatic light waves, while pulsed light uses a light source with a broad spectrum, that is, with different wavelengths.

In addition, the laser is a faster treatment because the light is not intermittent but continuous.

The result is almost the same even if the diode laser is a little more effective on deep hairs while pulsed light is a little more effective on superficial hair.

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