Do you dream of glowing skin? Discover the secrets

Look younger

It is not a product that will give you the real result! It is a path! Find how!
Do you want glowing skin?

It’s a path, much easier than it seems, just follow a few small steps
The brightness of the skin is a sign of health, of personal care, demonstrates a biological age much lower than the chronological one, and is a fairly faithful mirror of a person’s general health: it is difficult for healthy and luminous skin to belong to subjects who , just to mention some clichés, he smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, eats 365/365 in fast food restaurants, lives between bed / sofa / office chair and washes himself with white spirit and abrasive soap.

We therefore want to give you some advice pills, a sort of “protocol” to follow to achieve the goal: brighter and healthier skin.

Let’s go by points:

How do you wash:

Remember to use a mild cleanser, use it often, but use the right one. Avoid aggressive detergents, with ionic surfactants (SLS, SLES and similar);
Remember that a cleanser cannot moisturize, because otherwise it would not wash, but it can be “non-dehydrating”, avoiding redness and itching after cleansing and protecting the skin;
Check the quality of the water that reaches your home (generally in Italy it is very good and controlled … fixed residue, acidity, …).
How do you renew your skin:

Use treatments that help renew your skin, primarily scrubs;
Don’t overdo these treatments, but never forget them, your health professional can help you figure out what’s best for you;
Expose yourself to the sun regularly, remembering to always protect yourself from UV rays.

prepare skin for treatments

How you prepare it for treatments:

The so-called “skin care” is very important, especially for your face;
Cleansing milk, micellar waters, rinse-off or not, … it all depends on your skin, let us recommend the right one!
Remember to always use the Tonic before cream treatments, it balances the pH of your skin, eliminates detergent residues, dries and soothes the skin.
How do you hydrate:

One of the most obvious points, hydrate! With products with good ingredients;
Your face needs different ingredients day and night;
Your face needs different ingredients depending on your skin type;
Drink lots of water throughout the day! You don’t have to drown, just a little, a glass, a nice sip from your bottle … just repeat the gesture often during the day.
How you prevent skin aging:

Chrono-aging – aging caused by time. It is inevitable, you cannot stop it, but you can slow it down;
The key to the process is oxidation, or rather the contrast of the oxidation of the skin;

Our metabolism during the day produces oxidized metabolites, consumes antioxidant substances that it produces endogenously, but of which it has a limited supply;

Use products with a high concentration of antioxidants in it! Try using a skin sculpting serum twice a day.

How do you protect yourself from the environment:

Environmental pollution, oxidative stress, hectic life, it is important to be protected;

If you expose yourself to the sun it is trivial, you need protection from UV rays;
The skin has endogenous protective mechanisms, which however it loses during the day, and which with aging produces less and less: ceramides, phytosphingosines, skin hydration factors;

Supplementing your skin with cosmetic products that contain these super-active substances is an important precautionary gesture!

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