Those who want to develop muscle mass must train intensely.

The training program for the development of muscle mass is fundamentally different from a training to increase muscle mass (hypertrophy) or to improve the silhouette.

The program mainly includes complex fundamental exercises that stimulate coordination between large muscles, such as pectoral, back and legs.

The key to success in developing muscle mass is the gradual increase in strength.

We explain what it means and analyze in detail all the possible variants of a training program for muscle mass.

Our goal is to provide you with the theoretical foundations, so that you can be aware of the specificities of a workout for the development of muscle mass.

In addition, we offer you the possibility to choose between basic training programs for the development of muscle mass or to create your own one.

    To build a quality muscle mass it is sufficient to subject the muscles to adequate efforts three times a week.

Given the intense stress with so much weight and detachments from the ground at the limit of the forces it is therefore advisable to take at least one day off between two sessions.

In general, you can think of a training program for muscle mass by dividing the areas of the body with a split routine workout or with a circuit for the whole body.

Especially for those who are starting out (less than 6 months of training), full body training is more suitable for developing muscle mass.

Attention is particularly focused on the fundamental exercises in weight lifting, rowing, Bench Press, Military Press and squats.

Given the high frequency of these fundamental exercises, in a very short time you will see great improvements in strength.

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Experienced athletes (more than a year of training) who wish to develop even more muscle mass, can prepare a training program divided into split routines.

For these cases, a classic 3-day subdivision dedicated to the back / biceps (day 1), pectorals / triceps (day 2) and legs (day 3) is indicated.

Here is a summary of your training frequency:
3 training sessions per week
Full body training program for beginners
Split workout routine for experts
Break days are particularly important because they allow the muscles to grow.

In fact, these processes take place during recovery and regeneration breaks and not under stress.

To train resistance further and to an excessive extent is absolutely counterproductive to the growing muscle mass.

During a very intense workout many calories are burned at the expense of the development of muscle mass. Long endurance training stimulates the production of catabolic hormones (to the detriment of the muscles) and therefore have effects.

We recommend to include a maximum resistance session in the training program for the development of muscle mass; the advantage is that it accelerates the transport of nutrients within the musculature thus stimulating the regeneration of individual muscles.

Resistance training should be done on a day off during the week.

Here is a summary of the breaks:
Muscles grow during recovery breaks
Moderate resistance training to strengthen physical fitness

    Anyone who really wants to develop quality muscle mass should definitely keep a training diary in which to record the series done and the weights loaded.

In this way he will have the security of respecting the gradual increase in strength and weights.

    In addition to progressive weight training and a structured diet, sensible use of sports nutrition as part of a training program also supports the development of muscle mass. In general, you can determine what your calorie needs are even during the development stages by using the calculation of calories and then adjust your diet.

The creatine supplement improves speed and maximum strength with benefits for those who train especially with very heavy fundamental exercises and few repetitions. In addition, creatine helps to hydrate the muscles, with particularly positive effects for the storage of glycogen in the muscles themselves.

For a protein intake sufficient for muscle growth, a protein shake such as the one with Whey Protein, which, thanks to its excellent amino acid profile, is ideal for maintaining and developing muscle with lasting effects, can be useful.

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Before training:

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