Why do men are more fat? The secrets of it

Men fat how to get rid of it

The closer you get to the time of vacation, the more some situations come to our attention: after months in which we postponed and postponed, the bacon has come before everyone’s eyes, not because we have chosen to wear shirts of a couple of sizes less of ours but because the light clothes show the silhouette that the winter had comfortably hidden under jackets, coats and sweaters.

Of course, the critical areas affect both sexes but as far as man is concerned, the main problem is represented by the so-called love handles.

We often hear that it is a particularly old and therefore sedimented and more stubborn fat to be disposed of … but the reality is different: the fat cells are continuously renewed and participate in lipolytic phenomena Рof fat demolition Рand lipogenic Рof formation again adipose tissue -.

If calorie balance is the key to understanding this balance, why then in some areas do you lose less weight and tend to gain weight more easily?

The scientific explanation of the male fat

Hormones and circulation represent two factors to be taken into absolute consideration and as a first analysis we can distinguish two types of individuals, those with an android tendency and those with a gynoid tendency.

This distinction concerns not only overweight people but also those in a normal weight situation: the android morphotype is more common in male subjects and tends to accumulate fat in the upper part of the body while the gynoid, more typical of women, piles especially in the region of the buttocks and femur.

The most difficult fat to counteract is the gynoid one because cellular turn-over occurs more slowly over time. It is therefore more difficult for women to lose weight at key points than for us men.

The distribution of hormones favors or limits the accumulation of fat in certain areas due to some receptors with which they react chemically, resulting in a more lipolytic or more lipogenic stimulus.

Diet and training generate a slimming effect by stimulating a greater presence of catecholamines which are the hormones that deal precisely with the breakdown of fat (while sexual, thyroid, GH hormone and cortisol work mostly in synergy).

Hormones and blood circulation: the cause of love handles
Physical activity and therefore an adequate diet characterized by a negative calorie balance, (which consists in taking fewer calories than those burned) are certainly part of a functional and effective weight loss program.

As regards circulation, however, we take note of a fundamental parameter to improve the management of the most critical areas such as male bacon.

The greater the flow of blood, the lower the tendency to accumulate fat and vice versa: this happens because an increase in blood flow decreases the deposit of fatty acids transformed into triglycerides – and the blood flow is regulated by the same receptors that determine the metabolism of fat cells.

This makes us realize that feeding alone cannot be sufficient: it is very important to stimulate correct circulation which instead is directly promoted by physical activity, thus alleviating vasoconstriction and reducing fat.

 Targeted physical activity on the abdomen can certainly be a winning workout, but we must not forget the importance of following a physical activity that involves all the rest of the muscles: only in this way will you have tangible results in less time.

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